Bird Advocacy FoundationTM is a not-for-profit organisation committed to protecting birds and facilitating cooperative relationships between humans and birds.

The Problems

Current solutions to deter birds from eating crops and impacting infrastructure are unethical, ineffective and costly.

Current bird deterrent solutions are unethical. They include shooting, poisoning, trapping and scaring.

Current bird deterrent solutions are ineffective. Birds are extremely intelligent, and they habituate quickly.

Current bird deterrent solutions are costly. Bird loss is a major problem that contributes to other major problems that are costly.


A long-standing and expensive problem having negative impacts on business productivity and retail supply and demand.

Different bird species present different behavioural patterns, requiring customised management solutions for each.
Growers and organisations are facing increasing pressures for ethical treatment and management of birds.
Industries are exhausting significant dollars into sourcing solutions to the ever increasing issue of coexistence between bird and man.


A significant environmental problem with negative impacts to both the future of bird wildlife and overall sustainability.

Waste management is a contributing factor to pollution and disappearance of original habitual species.

Corporate and government sectors face increasing pressures to create sustainable environments and habitual alternatives.

Damage to infrastructure is significant without effective management strategies for bird wildlife.


Bird Advocacy Foundation™ solutions include...

Bird care.

Bird project.

Bird protection.

Bird research.

Industry and government

Bird alternate
food sources.

National Ethical
Treatment Accreditation.

Industry and
Government lobbying.


Patron to the Bird Advocacy Foundation:

The Bird Advocacy Foundation is honoured to have Professor Gisela Kaplan lead its mission and vision forward in the interest of bird welfare.

Professor Gisela Kaplan is an Emeritus Professor in Animal Behaviour in the School of Science and Technology. An accomplished Author of over 250 research articles and 22 books, all whilst serving on a variety of scientific research panels within Australia and is a regular assessor of over 25 prestigious scientific international journals.

Professor Kaplan has conducted ground-breaking research into vocal learning, communication and cognition of birds as her core focus. Gisela has become a public voice for science on wildlife and in particular, native birds.

Professor Kaplan’s main research interests are in complex cognition and communication in bird species and primates. Her valued expertise and decades of research contribute to the success and ongoing progression of the positive effects the Bird Advocacy Foundation has today.

Major sponsor

Sustainable bird management through sophisticated end-to-end technological solutions.