AFRRL – Rural City of Murray Bridge

Alternate Feeding Roosting Recreation Location (AFRRL) System – the Rural City of Murray Bridge

Project Overview

The Rural City of Murray Bridge is undertaking a proactive, wildlife-friendly, innovative and safe approach to Little Corella management which launched in early 2023.

The Council is experiencing conflict with an Australian native bird species, the Little Corella. Little Corellas have been causing damage to the community locations they currently inhabit. The impact of large flocks of Little Corellas across the municipality has been damaging infrastructure, triggering health and well-being concerns for residents and alienating other native birds and wildlife.

Key desired outcomes

Key achievements

Communication Updates

30/05/2023 – Cherrp system and AFRRL working with a 99% success rate.

28/03/2023 – Cherrp system and AFRRL prove an effective solution.

23/03/2023 – BAF commences Volunteer Program for feeding at the AFRRL site.

21/03/2023 – Cherrp Bird Behavioural Science Team conduct audit and calculate 15,000 corellas in two key target areas.

20/03/2023 – Cherrp team onsite for installation now that the flood waters have receded and the ground has dried up sufficiently.

19/02/2023 – BAF is expecting to hear any day that the AFRRL location has suitably dried out and ready for installation – update soon!

16/01/2023 – The Swanport Wetlands is currently experiencing high flood levels and as such is too dangerous to install the equipment for the AFRRL. The project is on pause, pending receding flood levels.

05/01/2023 – The Cherrp system is ready for launch for Rural City Of Murray Bridge.

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