Green Wings is the Bird Advocacy Foundation ethical bird treatment accreditation program that recognises businesses that choose operational practices (both for their primary business, and their supply chain) that consider humane and ethical treatment of birds. Businesses that are awarded Green Wing’s accreditation have an environmental management system that considers their operational impact on birds and the greater environment. 

The Bird Advocacy Foundation seeks to use the Green Wings accreditation program to bring all like-minded people and organisations together to support the conservation of our bird wildlife species and the regeneration of natural habitat. 

Public and private businesses across Australia and New Zealand are increasingly seeing the considerable benefits from investing in corporate social responsibility projects and designing their business operations in consideration of environmental sustainability practices.

More and more, businesses are seeking to demonstrate to their consumers, employees, investors and the wider community their commitment to corporate social responsibility – specifically that within their day-to-day operations, they are making socially, ethically and environmentally responsible choices. The best way to demonstrate your business’s commitment to the environment is through a formal accreditation program with a reputable company whose operational purpose is to improve environmental and sustainability practices within our community. 

The Bird Advocacy Foundation works with local communities and private and public companies across Australia and New Zealand to make commercial decisions that take into consideration a “do no harm” approach to our native bird wildlife. The Bird Advocacy Foundation has developed an environmental / wildlife accreditation program that is designed to help businesses demonstrate their immediate commitment to bird wildlife welfare and species sustainability in their locality. This accreditation program supports businesses in developing a more robust environmental management system and is designed to help build their brand equity. 

By having an environment accreditation in place, businesses will experience a number of benefits:

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