Bird Impact

Current solutions to deter birds from eating crops and impacting infrastructure are unethical, inhumane, ineffective and costly.


Current bird deterrent or bird control solutions primarily include shooting, poisoning, trapping and scaring. These practices cause risk to our community and other wildlife.


Bird deterrent and bird control solutions involving shooting, poisoning or trapping often result in slow and painful death or debilitating and catastrophic injury. Culling for the purpose of deterrence or control can negatively impact population numbers. endangering or threatening the species as a whole.


Birds are extremely intelligent, and they habituate to deterrent solutions very quickly. With boom cannons, pyrotechnics and laser technologies, they recognise the lack of serious threat by picking up patterns in the “control stimuli”. With netting or other sophisticated coverings, bird species work out how to bypass these very quickly causing damaging or become entangled in nets which can injure or kill the bird..


Bird loss is a major problem that can cause a chain reaction of events leading to worsening problems including:

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