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Fundraising story:

The Bird Advocacy Foundation (BAF) is an Australian registered charity and a proud partner of an innovative and revolutionary project that serves to protect our native wildlife in locations across the country!

Right now, BAF is working with councils who are choosing to manage wildlife in their human spaces with a commitment to conservation, rather than extreme measures of wildlife management, like culling. 

As our country continues to develop – housing, infrastructure and more – our wildlife’s natural environment has significantly reduced, forcing them to habituate.  Often this creates challenges between humans and wildlife, as our wildlife struggles to find suitable spaces for feeding, nesting and socialising.

As our wildlife are forced to adapt to a new “humanised” environment for survival, our communities seek ways to remove them from these areas. Historically, techniques for wildlife management and deterrence are ineffective because they fail to resolve the critical problem – where can our wildlife actually go? Their natural habitat is diminished, and we don’t want them around human spaces – so where?

BAF is partnering with local councils to implement an industry-first innovative technology that manages our wildlife without harm. This solution not only moves wildlife away from human spaces BUT also relocates wildlife to a purpose-fit sanctuary to support them. Finally, a solution that overcomes human and wildlife challenges whilst finding our wildlife a “home”.

The headline:

You can be part of a community that promotes wildlife conservation and says NO to inhumane and unethical mass slaughter. Promoters of this fundraiser are supporting innovative conversation solutions to protect our native wildlife.

Project name:

New wildlife sanctuaries using the Alternative Feeding Roosting and Recreation Location (AFRRL)

Project overview:

The Bird Advocacy Foundation is an advocate for the new ground-breaking artificial intelligence system – Alternative Feeding Roosting and Recreation Location (AFRRL). 

BAF is currently working with a number of rural and city councils in Australia to implement the AFRRL system so that our community’s wildlife can be relocated to a purpose-fit sanctuary for feeding, nesting and socialising.

The system provides two key steps for success:

  1. Deter wildlife from human spaces (the technology has over 90% success rate); and
  2. Relocate wildlife to a purpose-fit sanctuary which is set up to support the species in a natural environment.

BAF is currently working with a number of rural and city councils in Australia to implement the AFRRL system so that our community’s bird wildlife can be relocated to a purpose-fit sanctuary where they can feed, roost, engage in playful activities and socialise.

The goal of this project is two-fold:

  1. Support our community by reducing damage birds cause to infrastructure and  amenities 
  2. Provide a solution for wildlife management that protects and enhances wildlife, not cull or harm.


Our native wildlife are feeling the squeeze and need our support!

Challenges with the interactions between humans and wildlife have arisen over the years due to the continued squeeze on suitable habitats because of our communities increasing in size as a result of population growth and commercial development.

Put simply – they have no space!

Our wildlife are under pressure from a lack of natural habitat. The current problems are:

  • Community growth has resulted in a severe reduction of native habitat for our wildlife.
  • Our wildlife species have had no choice but to source alternate locations to habituate – private and public infrastructure.
  • Outside their comfort zone in unnatural habitat, they choose safety in numbers, amassing large numbers (which is often not normal behaviour).
  • Private and public infrastructure are not built for our native wildlife. These structures are experiencing damage and causing problems for humans.

Project details:

BAF has been working with a number of Councils who are supportive and excited about the benefits the Alternative Feeding Roosting and Recreation Location (AFRRL) system can offer in managing local wildlife. Many of these councils are working to prepare designated native habitats to support the implementation of the initiative, rather than consider inhumane and unethical wildlife management methods.

BAF is seeking to provide support to councils who commit to this conservation strategy, by way of funding sourced through community fundraising efforts. Funds raised will contribute to the costs associated with purchasing and implementing the AFRRL system, as well as preparing the communities for ongoing management.

Project outcomes:

The outcome of the AFRRL project is to:

  • Save our wildlife (no mass slaughter).
  • Reduce damage to public and private infrastructure caused by wildlife.
  • Educate our wider community that there is an alternative to the inhumane mass slaughter of our native wildlife.
  • Improve our human versus wildlife interactions so that both species can live harmoniously and without compromise.
  • Encourage other Councils to choose non-lethal methods of wildlife management, and seek to initiate programs that support wildlife.

Fundraising goals:

Funds raised will seek to achieve the following goals:

  • Contribute to the purchase and implementation of AFFRL systems in Councils locations BAF has partnered with.
  • Fund a training and education program to prepare local community volunteers to maintain and manage the program with local council members.
  • Invest in support from scientists and other experts to drive successful outcomes for the project.
  • Conduct research and analysis on the outcomes of the project to support further conservation initiatives.

Thank you for saving Australian native Corellas with your donation