Our People

Our People

The Bird Advocacy Foundation is made up of over 95% volunteers. The Bird Advocacy Foundation™ was founded to champion wildlife conservation in Australia, specifically focusing on bird species that are endangered or threatened by human interactions.

Patron, Gisela Kaplan is a world-renowned animal behaviour specialist, who has worked with the Executive team at the Bird Advocacy Foundation™ to frame its charitable purpose, vision and mission.

Gisela Kaplan / Patron

The Bird Advocacy Foundation is honoured to have Professor Gisela Kaplan lead its mission and vision in the interest of bird welfare. Professor Gisela Kaplan is an Emeritus Professor in Animal Behaviour in the School of Science and Technology. Gisela is an accomplished Author of over 250 research articles and 22 books, all whilst serving on a variety of scientific research panels within Australia and is a regular assessor of over 25 prestigious scientific international journals.

Professor Kaplan has conducted ground-breaking research into vocal learning, communication and cognition of birds as her core focus. Gisela has become a public voice for science on wildlife and in particular, native birds. Professor Kaplan’s main research interests are in complex cognition and communication in bird species and primates. Her valued expertise and decades of research contribute to the success and ongoing progression of the positive effects the Bird Advocacy Foundation™ has today.

Nicole Wright / Chief Executive Officer

Nicki Wright has a Master in Business Management and is currently completing her Master in Business Law. Nicki has worked for non for profit and charitable organisations for over 10 years and has been a CEO in a number of market-leading companies in a range of industries. Having spent the last few years working for a national environmental company, Nicki joined the Bird Advocacy Foundation with strong commercial acumen to drive growth across the country, with a particular focus on promoting the ethical treatment of bird wildlife across Australian industries.

Mark Jurisevic / Director

Mark Jurisevic (PhD) is a Bird Behavioural Scientist with Honours and Doctorate degrees in Ornithology from the Flinders University of South Australia. His research on Australian birds’ interests includes anti-predator behaviour, the structural and functional significance of alarm and distress calls, the metabolic cost of antipredator calls, the acoustic perception of alarm calls by birds of prey and the development of vocalisations in young birds. His articles have been published in national and international peer-reviewed journals.

Our Valued Green Winged Warrior Volunteers

The Bird Advocacy Foundation wouldn’t be here without the passion and dedication of our valued network of volunteers who fill a range of crucial roles within our organisation.

From field workers who support wildlife conservation to wildlife rescue and wildlife protection initiatives, BAF volunteers ensure that native bird species in Australia and New Zealand are supported and thrive in their natural habitats.

Furthermore, administrative workers help drive funding and sponsorship initiatives. We have a range of people who support the Bird Advocacy Foundation’s charitable purpose.

You can learn more about becoming a volunteer by visiting our Volunteer page

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