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BirdSol Pty Ltd is an innovative global Agtech company with a patented avian deterrent and wildlife management technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Cherrp® .

BirdSol Pty Ltd’s smart technology solution, Cherrp®, is a first-to-market customisable wildlife management solution which reduces the cost of avian damage, enabling increased agricultural yield and contributing positively to global food security.


The Bird Advocacy Foundation is primarily run by our passionate and dedicated volunteers who are our Green Winged Warriors! We are a charity that focuses on our team first. Why? Because we truly appreciate that our people are generously donating their time and passion to support our charitable cause. Bird Advocacy Foundation volunteers can expect to work in an environment that is collaborative, fun and rewarding! By focusing on a strong team culture, our team helps to achieve the company’s goals and aspirations by providing the best possible outcome for our feathered friends!

Bird Advocacy Foundation is seeking Volunteers who:

There are a range of roles available to support the Bird Advocacy Foundation including frontend and backend roles.

Do you want to become a Green-winged Warrior? You can submit your application easily by submitting the form below:

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    I understand during my volunteering role I will be required to adhere to the policies and procedures of the Organisation including respecting the confidentiality of participant information at all times and not sharing information without the permission of the placement supervisor or delegated supervisor.

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