& Values

Our Vision

To create harmony between humans and bird wildlife.

The Bird Advocacy Foundation vision can be achieved by:

  1. Protecting Birds from being shot, poisoned or trapped.
  2. To lobby all levels of government and the
    productive horticulture industry, to commit
    to, and to support:

Our Mission

“To advocate for the protection, ethical treatment and preservation of bird wildlife, whilst promoting better commercial and social practices and improve outcomes for the Australian community when considering human and bird interactions.”

The Bird Advocacy Foundation aim is to shine the light on unethical growers and affiliated industries within the horticultural sector or public/ private industry sectors who engage in culling, poisoning or other non-humane methods of wildlife control.

Our Values

The Bird Advocacy Foundation set of values guides everything we do and this includes the following:

Care, Protect and Respect
At the Bird Advocacy Foundation, we consider the needs and well-being of our native environment, by caring for our local communities, in particular the interactions between bird and bat wildlife, and humans.

Integrity and Ethical
The Bird Advocacy Foundation endeavours to reflect the highest professional integrity in all our actions by always being ethical, thoughtful and courteous. It further seeks to find solutions in bird and bat conflicts with orchardists and other food producers and stake holders so that the result guarantee positive outcomes for humans and animals alike.

The Bird Advocacy Foundation conducts all its activities and business operations with complete transparency and with the view to gather evidence-based information that can improve the interactions between wildlife and the community.

The Bird Advocacy Foundation is creative and original, constantly developing new ways of delivering activities to improve upon wildlife protection methods in order to halt the steep decline of native birds and give them space and conditions to thrive again. This is especially important as our community continues to grow and develop commercially, which in turn impacts the natural wildlife habitat.

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