June 24, 2022

Shout out for the efforts of community groups who support our native plants and wildlife!

One of the supporters at Bird Advocacy Foundation recently introduced us to Gardens for Wildlife Victoria and the positive work they do within our community to care for native plants and wildlife.

Gardens for Wildlife Victoria joins a network of persons within the community and councils across Victoria who works together to engage residents, schools and businesses to join a mission to promote native plants and wildlife.

Recognising that our country is experiencing hotter and drier conditions due to climate change, Gardens for Wildlife Victoria and participating councils have acknowledged that along with population control, our open landscapes and spaces are under greater demand than ever before.

To underpin the environmental sustainability initiatives, these councils commit to the Gardens for Wildlife program, which is designed to support the community to create their gardens and outdoor spaces in a manner that attracts our local wildlife, including birds, insects, lizards and more. The program provides free visits by two Garden Guides who will give a written report outlining an assessment of habitat opportunities in the garden, suggestions and advice.

All conservation efforts are crucial in shaping a sustainable future for our wildlife; it shows that everyone can add value to protecting and safeguarding our native species.

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