June 24, 2022

Recent increases in reported use of poison as a method to deter native bird wildlife.

106 long-billed corellas were found dead in what is now being investigated as a mass poisoning event.

Wildlife carer Kirsty Ramadan was the first on the scene and witnessed the death and dying birds around the Murray River in Barmah near the Victorian/New South Wales border.

After finding some of these Australian native birds suffering, she took them to a veterinary clinic in Echuca, where they could not be saved. An autopsy by the veterinary clinic later revealed severe haemorrhaging of the intestine, consistent with poisoning. 

The Victorian Conservation Regulator is investigating the deaths of these long-billed corellas.

Further details can be found in an article written by The Guardian (Australian Edition) – Read Here.

At the Bird Advocacy Foundation (BAF), we condemn bird wildlife’s inhumane and unethical treatment. As urban sprawl continues with our population growth, there continue to be challenges between human and bird interaction across our community. BAF’s position is that a range of positive and proactive wildlife mitigation strategies can be deployed to protect our wildlife. We are championing change in how we treat birds within our community.